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IRIS Case Studies – Alexandroupolis, Greece

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Around 40km from the Turkish border, the Greek city of Alexandroupolis is an important city for Greece that serves as one of its main gateways to the Asian continent. In…

IRIS case studies – Focşani, Romania

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The city of Focşani in Romania’s South-East region is quickly becoming a hidden gem for Romanian tourists. It also serves as the capital of Vrancea County, famous for producing some…

IRIS Case Studies – Vaasa

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Finland has a lot to be proud of in terms of innovation. This year the country ranked 8th in the world in Bloomberg’s innovation index of world economies. Now many…

9 ways to become smarter – faster

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Using the experience, insights and technical detail established in IRIS cities and beyond is key. But, however you seek to replicate smart solutions; ensuring they make financial sense will turbo…
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