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The city of Alexandroupolis is the administrative center of the Regional Unit of Evros, of Region of East Macedonia-Thrace and is of extremely strategic importance for Greece, due to its geographical position since it constitutes an interconnection gate between the Mediterranean and the Asian countries. Local authorities’ vision for the city is to transform Alexandroupolis into a sustainable city for its citizens with the use of new, efficient and user-friendly technologies and services in the areas of energy, transport and ICT. At the same time, Alexandroupolis has the ambition to become an internationally recognized hub of innovation, where the utilization of scientific knowledge for the development and the production of innovative technologies, products and services with a marked impact on sustainable economic growth will take place. Alexandroupoli’s local authorities are committed in implementing a number of activities as part of the urban plans of the city that already exist (Urban Plan compiled for the Covenant of Mayors, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and others) and integrate buildings planning, energy networks, ICT, transport/mobility planning and other additional issues. Alexandroupolis is an active member of Covenant of Mayors initiative and co-founder Greek Green Cities Network.


Relevant approved plans 

Alexandroupolis is the first European municipality that will be crossed by the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which has been selected as a PCI for its role in opening up the Southern Gas Corridor, one of 12 so-called energy corridors identified by the EU as priorities for the achievement of European energy policy objectives. Moreover, the developed and updated SEAP for Alexandroupolis includes plans for the promotion of RES and energy savings which are listed below:

  • Two autonomous PV stations of 5kWp and one of 12,5kWp and two heat pumps (180kW and 200kW) installed in public buildings.  Two (2) solar thermal systems of 40m2 (selective collectors) for DHW production and two (2) geothermal heat pumps of 100kW each in public buildings. Monitoring equipment will also be installed to measure the hourly electric and thermal consumption (EEA-Grants (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) ~0.75 m€
  • Plan for DH geothermal network: ALEX has a long-term (30 years) lease for the exploitation and development of the low-enthalpy geothermal field of Traianoupoli (~90 oC) and aims to build a geothermal DHN, which constitutes the keystone of its SEAP. The DH network will supply heat to public buildings, greenhouse cultivations, breeding farms, municipal pellet production plant etc.(~4.5 m€). Basic design data, according to the study: power of 10MWth, 18km pipelines, two (2) drillings of 500m depth, 450.000 m3 volume flow rate of geothermal fluids in the primary network (20.000 ha) and 500.000 m3 in the secondary network (30.000 ha).
  • Plan for green interventions in municipal swimming pool and indoor stadium (PV and solar thermal system, geothermal heat pump, LED systems) ~1.4 m€
  • Inception study and licensing of combined heat and power (CHP) unit of 800kWe located in the new indoor swimming pool building of Alexandroupolis (Regional Operational Program 2014-2020. Authorized by Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A. 5/2/2015) ~2.0 m€
  • Plan for establishment of CHP unit in the municipal swimming pool for covering its energy needs ~1.0 m€
  • A liquefied natural gas (LNG) floating station foreseen for Alexandroupolis is estimated to cost 350 mi. € and the gas trading company responsible for the Floating Storage and Re-Gasification Unit (FSRU) has already been appointed with a CEF pre-identified project of Front End Engineering Design (FEED) & Preparation of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Invitation to Tender (ITT) dossier~ 1.7 m€
  • Plan for development of DHN for the city of Feres utilizing the waste heat of the compression station of TAP pipeline in the region of Kipoi (feasibility study completed)
  • Replacement of conventional lamps with LED, installation of 16 rooftop photovoltaic stations (10kWp) in school buildings, purchasing of 17 EVs. (Approved by JESSICA instrument for energy efficiency in Greece)~2,0 m€
  • Plan for replacement the whole city street lighting with LED systems at a rate of 65% annually


General Information:
Eleni Intzepelidou, Vice-Mayor, +30 2551064121
Konstantinos Lymperopoulos, Kriton Energy,,  +30 25515 50717 / +30 6947617620

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