General Information 

Focșani is a medium sized city – the capital of Vrancea County. Focsani city is situated at the border between Moldova and Muntenia historical regions of Romania. The city is committed to become a smart and sustainable urban centre, starting from efficiently tackling all local issues (economic, social, administrative, environmental etc.) through an integrated innovative approach. Together with its citizens, the key stakeholders and urban utilities’ providers, the municipality is focused on: increasing buildings’ energy efficiency and the living standards; mitigating CO2 footprint by reducing primary energy resources consumption and implementing adequate RES, in areas of interest with no DHS; developing an eco-smart public transport, efficiently managed and monitored; implementing an ICT decision-based management tool in order to develop a transparent and efficient public administration process; securing its citizens’ safety and enhancing their level of knowledge, awareness and engagement; maintaining a low unemployment rate by increasing the economic potential of the city (SME development; attracting foreign investment; tourism).The Municipality gained experience in running several investment project financed by Pre-accession and Structural Funds, being prepared to submit new project proposals for the next period.



Relevant approved plans 

The strategic objectives of Focsani SDS will be reached through concrete measures and actions in the following fields of Energy with:

  1. district heating system upgrading and retrofitting ongoing program (two applications were already submitted within ESIF and a governmental program ”District Heating 2015-2020 – Heat and comfort”)
  2. an Eco-efficient public lighting, including a tele-management system
  3. energy efficient buildings (public buildings, residential – single-family homes, condominiums).

All the above will be connected with smart metering and a dispatching centre for field data collecting; electricity, heat, natural gas and water consumption, water – air – soil pollution.

In transport sector:

  1. a Multi-modal transport infrastructure at metropolitan level
  2. an intelligent traffic management, including video surveillance
  3. an Eco-smart public transport, including the acquisition of 20 electric busses (small and medium capacity) and the development of the charging infrastructure (20 stations)
  4. Green parking areas will be designed and constructed.

In addition, a Smart ICT decision-based management tool will be implemented in order to develop a transparent and efficient public administration process, including non-bureaucratic proficient public services.  The tool has to be designed:

  1. to gather data collected in field, process them and draw reports / assess KPIs, while ensuring a user interface at the general public level
  2. to ensure open access to different type of information, thus enhancing the level of citizens’ trust and understanding, challenging them to action and rational use of resources.

Focsani is willing to become a smart and sustainable urban centre, focused on an integrated innovative approach of all local problems. Together with the key municipal stakeholders and urban utilities’ providers, the municipality is committed to increase the buildings’ energy efficiency and the living standards, reducing CO2 emissions and securing its citizens’ safety.

Contact Information :
Dan Mihai Cazaciuc, Municipality of Focsani,, +40-237 239590

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