IRIS Workshop: Adapting your business model for successful upscale and replication

On February 4th 2021 (09:00-11:00 AM CET) IRIS orginised a webinar on Smart City Business Modelling. If smart city solutions are to be sustainable beyond their pilot and demonstration stages, a sound business model adapted to city market conditions is essential.

In this webinar, the IRIS partners presented the Smart City Business Model Canvas (Giourka et al. 2019) and illustrated how the canvas can be used to map out and analyse the business model of two Mobility as a Service solutions currently being demonstrated in the IRIS project.

The purpose of the webinar was to showcase the method but also, in the second part of the webinar, to show how the canvas works for your smart city solution in a hands-on workshop. Should you conclude that the canvas is a useful tool to develop your smart city solution, then we are ready to help you analyse and improve your business model.

Paraskevi Giourka, H2020 Innovation Expert at CPERI Institute CERTH
Mark Sanders, Associate Professor of Economics of Transition and Sustainability

Jonas Norrman, Innovation Expert at IMCG International

You can see the presentation slides:

Download PDF


And the recordings on the IRIS YouTube channel:

14 Dec 2020

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