Assessing smart city solution performance: a methodological framework

Assessing smart city solution performance: a methodological framework

Our first Open Access paper is now available. In this specific study we introduce a holistic framework for determining a repository of key performance indicators (KPIs) that are able to evaluate both business-as-usual and novel technologies and services related to smart city solutions.

The framework includes six steps:

  1. Clustering of the technology/service solutions into groups called Transition Tracks;
  2. Definition of the main groups of stakeholders;
  3. Definition of KPIs dimensions (or domains);
  4. Definition of KPIs repository per dimension;
  5. Definition of the scope of evaluation per KPI; and
  6. Threshold definition per KPI.

Implementation of the proposed framework led to development of a 75 KPIs repository categorized in six dimensions (technical, environmental, economic, social, ICT and legal KPIs) with the corresponding levels of assessment and stakeholders’ group of interest.

The proposed repository can serve as a great basis for similar projects to monitor and evaluate the performance of their solutions. Tips and guidance based on the actual implementation and lessons learned from a smart city project are provided.

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A Methodological Framework for the Selection of Key Performance Indicators to Assess Smart City Solutions


25 Jul 2019