55 New electric busses in Utrecht

55 New electric busses in Utrecht

Regional transport provider Qbuzz replaces 125 busses by the end of this year, 55 of them electric. The electric busses will function as both inter-city busses and on three busy city transport routes, for example to the Utrecht district Kanaleneiland.

A major step forward
The Utrecht Province and U-OV (Qbuzz), together with the Municipality Utrecht, invest in more environmental-friendly busses and increasing passenger capacity. This initiative contributes substantially towards a cleaner public transport in 2028, and meets the growing demand for public transport. The large number of electric busses now coming into commission as part of an existing transport concession is an unprecedented initiative for the Netherlands.

Qbuzz aims for sustainable transport

Qbuzz has the ambition to create a solely electrically powered public transport system by 2028 and aspires to obtain that goal in a sustainable way. Within the IRIS project in Kanaleneiland, Qbuzz partners are delivering electric busses that run on locally produced solar power and return unconsumed energy back to the local power grid. 

25 Apr 2019