A new lease of life: 2nd generation batteries in residential buildings (WEBINAR)

Working to co-create smart and sustainable cities means lots of knowledge transfer and exchange between IRIS partners. And while hungry for knowledge, they are not too greedy to share!

Our friends at Bo-Ex in the Netherlands and Johanneberg Science Park had plenty of questions for each other in a webinar held 9 April 2019, especially after installation of 2nd generation batteries at the IRIS demonstration site in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here, housing association Riksbyggen, Göteborg Energi and Volvo have led a successful collaboration to make the most of this technology.

The webinar pays particular attention to safety considerations. Including:

  • Fire safety investigations and legal requirements
  • Alarm installation
  • Battery cell safety
  • Energy combustion

Be sure to check out their exchange in full

Further reading and resources

IRIS tests innovative solutions and mainstreams viable technologies to help cities meet universal challenges in energy, mobility, digital transformation and citizen engagement.

Specific to energy, IRIS partners have already worked on a set of user, business and technical requirements for:

These detailed analyses are publicly available deliverables to share and inspire, thanks to our funding from European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

02 May 2019

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