The Headquarters of the company, located in Nice, France, houses the administrative and technical teams. In a collaborative atmosphere, engineers specialized in hardware development work closely with the software team to obtain the highest levels of integration across the various elements of the overall solution. The developers are in touch with the technical support team regularly to ensure that the feedback of customers is taken into account when designing new improvements to the solution. Additionally, Nice is home to  the Supply Chain and Project Management teams, who are in touch with the customers on a daily basis. The Support team of the company, located in Nice includes: Management, HR, Finance and IT.

VULOG’s Sales and Marketing department is based in Paris. The underlying factor motivating this decision was the simple fact that most of the customers have their Headquarters or subsidiaries in the Paris Area, making it more convenient to maintain closer relationships. Notably, this team is in charge of providing the first level of customer support for Europe.

A subsidiary, aimed at addressing the needs of the North American market, was newly opened in Toronto. This new entity will oversee the operations of the Vancouver office, which was previously opened to support the company’s biggest customer. The organizational structure is designed to ensure that VULOG as a whole fosters a close and collaborative relationship across the many departments and divisions. Also, the location of the departments and subsidiaries were selected to ensure proximity to current and future customers.




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