Veolia is a world leader in the environmental services sector. Industrial partner for cities and territories. Veolia designs, builds and manages infrastructure and services on behalf of municipal and industrial customers in the fields of energy optimization, water management, waste collection and recycling, mobility solutions.

Veolia is a key contributor to urban services and has spared no effort in pursuing research and innovation to create a more sustainable city, test new ideas to develop cleantech, introduce smart solutions to manage data and urban modeling, improve health (air quality, real-time traceability, heat islands, etc.), conserve resources, and recycle and recover water and waste.

Changes in cities and regions must be part of a coordinated approach designed to organize and streamline decisions and investments with a view to ensuring harmonious, profitable local development. Whether modeling urban operations, monitoring KPI or managing innovation on a local level, Veolia offers an array of resources and services to help local authorities develop, manage and monitor their municipal development and improvement policy.

For SCC1 H2020’s Call, Innove will carry out the proposed tasks. Veolia is a Projects Directors and Managers structure specialized in innovative service solutions. which is connected to 2EI under the brand “2EI Veolia, sustainable city consulting & innovation”



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