Trivector Traffic AB (TRIV), Sweden




Trivector Traffic is part of the Trivector group, consisting of one parent company and three subsidiaries – each specialising in a particular area. Trivector Traffic offers consultancy services within the area of transport, Trivector LogiQ offers consultancy services within business development, and Trivector System develops IT-systems for public transport.

Trivector Traffic is a R&D and consultancy company. The company was founded by researchers from Lund University, and has always maintained a close connection to research. It is our aim to contribute to an efficient, safe and sustainable transport system. There is a scientific approach in all our assignments, and our speciality is to use this approach to develop solutions, tools, guidelines, and support for transport planners and other stakeholders in the field.

We work with public administrations at local, regional and national levels, and our research projects are generally funded by large funding bodies such as Vinnova (The Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems), The Swedish Transport Administration, and the European Union. Our work covers many areas of transport, primarily: traffic planning and strategies; traffic analysis & GIS; Intelligent Transport Systems; sustainable transport & the environment; sustainable transport management for companies; public transport; traffic safety; and mobility management. Trivector is based on the original business idea to “speed up the process from research to practice”. That means we are always seeking new ways of educating ourselves as well as finding new ways of increasing the sustainability impact of our work. As part of our passionate sustainability conviction we are always keen to promote increased awareness and knowledge about sustainability for the transport sector, e.g. through activities fit in the IRIS project

We are specifically interested in new mobility concepts that could support a more sustainable mobility. Over the last years Trivector has worked with the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) from several different angles. We have e.g. commissions for the Swedish Transport Analysis governmental agency on MaaS and other concepts for car sharing. We are also partner in a research project at Lund University on Institutional frameworks for integrated mobility services in future cities. Over the last few years, Trivector has been developing the new MaaS concept – EC2B – for the Swedish housing market. With the cooperation and financing from e.g. Climate-KIC we have performed a feasibility study and now are working to further develop and validate the business model.




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