Sustainable and creative urban planning: first co-creation sessions in Utrecht

Over the past few months a representative group of residents in the Utrecht district Kanaleneiland-Zuid has teamed up to start the process of co-creation of innovations, in the context of the IRIS project. Goals are, among other things, to renovate several social housing apartment complexes and improve the public space, including the adoption of smart street lighting. To realize these, Utrecht citizens cooperated with the municipality, HKU University of Arts Utrecht, Utrecht University and other partners to co-create new concepts.

First innovation on the table was smart street lighting: which options are there and how can we use these to create a safer, more pleasant and more sustainable public space? In three energetic evening sessions over the summer, the team of residents of Kanaleneiland-Zuid engaged with designers, artists and experts from the lighting industry to think about what public lighting should be like in the future. During the last meeting, designers and companies pitched various concepts, and the residents voted on which ideas they liked best. The IRIS project team will use this input to prepare a pilot that will run in the area.

19 Sep 2018

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