Riksbyggen Ekonomisk Förening (RB), Sweden




RB is an organisation that was founded 75 years ago to solve problems in the housing sector, and has never let go of that goal. Back in the 1940s, the aim was to provide decent housing and working opportunities. Today, the aim is to find joyful, simple ways of living that are not in conflict with the intrinsic behaviour of the biosphere. RB, the Co-operative Building Organisation of the Swedish Trade Unions, is owned by the trade unions of the building sector, tenant ownership housing co-operatives and other national cooperative organisations. It has a two level structure: the National level and the Local tenant owner co-operatives. The local tenant owner co-operatives are organised in regional associations who act as delegate bodies and monitor questions regarding ownership rights, lobbying and other interests of the individual co-op. The regional association also provides education and information to the co-ops. RB membership consists of 1,700 housing co-operatives, nationally, which are developed by RB.


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