Nexity ywood (NEXITY), France




NEXITY’s goal is to carry every real estate life. Being a individual, a company or a community, NEXITY listens to you and offer the largest range of advices and expertises, products, services and solutions, to take note of the customers needs and answer to all its preoccupations.

Acting sustainably is to bring concrete answers to major social issues. As one of the main actor of the country, NEXITY is investing in environmental, climatic and energetic issues. The first social issue of NEXITY is to ease the housing access. NEXITY wants to be one of the important actors considered as “responsible” regarding those issues.

As a powerful factor of growth and progress, sustainable development stimulates innovation and impacts every branches of the Group in order to develop new approaches and to offer new products and services adapted to the expectations of every one of our clients.

Our sustainable offer is translated through the the capital optimization, the economy of resources and a control of the costs ease the access to the housing for everybody.

It takes shape also in a new approach of the territory and their organisation, especially facing the changes in new technologies and the appearance of new economies, more virtuous, as the economy of functionality, the circular economy, the social and solidary economy.

Nexity Group in 2016:


  • Housing:
  • 11.741 reservations and 2.202 units to be built
  • 2.162 million euros of turnover (increased by 18%)
  • Overall 14.235 reservations
  • Corporate real estate:
  • A strong increase (goal exceeded by over 200 millions euros before taxes)
  • With YWood and Térénéo, Nexity becomes the first actor if the building of offices with a wood structure in France.
  • Financial performances:


Consolidated turnover: 3,057 billion euros.



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