ICEMENERG was established in 1974 as a research institute in the energy field. Since 2014 ICEMENERG is a National Research and Development Institute within the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research. Throughout its entire existence ICEMENERG has permanently developed and diversified its field of activity including research and development, innovation, studies, development strategies in the energy field. For forty years, ICEMENERG has been providing consultancy, scientific research and technological engineering services for increasing electric and thermal energy efficiency over the entire energy chain and environmental protection services for ensuring sustainable development. and has carried out research and development activities in the energy field (advanced technologies for energy production, energy production systems from renewable energy sources energy efficiency improvement, etc).

The Institute has developed the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan and the National Action Plan for the Renewable Energy Sources Valorisation (documents submitted by the national authorities to the European Commission) and has participated in the development of the energy national strategies. ICEMENERG has also carried out ESIF projects and participated, as partner, in the development of FP7 “Intelligent Energy Europe” and INTERREG IVC projects. ICEMENERG is an active member of the most important national and international professional associations in the energy field (WEC Romanian National Committee, CIGRE” s Romanian National Committee etc).



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