Johanneberg Science Park AB (JSP), Sweden




Johanneberg Science Park (JSP) is a private non-profit limited company registered in Sweden. It was established in 2010 by the Chalmers University of Technology Foundation and the City of Gothenburg with the aim of developing a collaborative environment for ideas and knowledge exchange between academia, industry and society at Chalmers Campus Johanneberg in Gothenburg, Sweden. After its inception, JSP has attracted a further 9 co-owners from the real estate, construction, architecture, utility and automotive industry.

Johanneberg Science Park is one of six Science Park environments in Western Sweden, which together will strengthen the region’s attractiveness, competitiveness and growth potential.

The activities, which focus on Urban Development, Energy, Materials & Nanotechnology, result in innovation, commercialization and new high quality jobs. The aim is that 5000 persons from industry, institutes and public sector are active in the area within ten years. Already, over 1000 people in 140 companies, 2900 academic staff and 10 000 students from Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg University work in the area.

Johanneberg Science Park brings industry closer to the cutting edge of science so that excellent explorative research and expertise can realize its potential utility and use easier. The mutual proximity between university students, teachers, researchers and industry will give all parties involved a better overview of the individual needs for competence in the respective groups.  In this way we create the right circumstances for inducing regional growth.



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