IRIS Webinar: Urban Data Platforms – Experiences from the IRIS LH Cities

The IRIS project has created a City Innovation Platform (CIP) that collects, manages and exchanges data for the development of new applications and services. The CIP and its components manage large volumes of data and information coming from domain-specific solutions, like waste collection, parking, air quality or energy consumption, from municipal systems, external platforms and other data sources. Based on a common reference architecture, standards and essential components (i.e. Data Broker, Data Catalog, Historical Data, API Management, Load Balancing, Identity and Access Management, etc.) and the Data Governance Plan, each Lighthouse City has deployed a local instance of the CIP.

In the upcoming webinar, the three IRIS Lighthouse Cities Utrecht, Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur, and Gothenburg will present through concrete use cases how they use the local City Innovation Platforms (CIP) in the journey toward smart cities. The cities will share lessons learned in the following three pillars:

  1. Technologies: As urban data platforms need to achieve interoperability of data, systems, and services between different actors, it is important for the cities to implement vendor-neutral and technology agnostic components that anybody can use them and integrate them into existing systems
  2. Onboarding process and governance: Different stakeholders with different interests have to work together in an urban data platform. To establish broad support for the City Innovation Platform, it has to facilitate the demands and requirements of these different stakeholders.
  3. Standard data models: Although common data standards and data models may not be perfect, they promote interoperability and replicability without having to reproduce all the details of an entire vertical.

Date: May 17th,  14:00-15:30 CEST


  • 14:00 Introduction – Panos Tsarchopoulos, CERTH-ITI
  • 14:05 City Innovation Platform in Utrecht – Bas Vanmeulebrouk, CIVITY
  • 14:20 City Innovation Platform in Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur – Stéphane Roux, MNCA
  • 14:35 City Innovation Platform in Gothenburg – Noel Alldritt, City of Gothenburg
  • 14:50 Panel Discussion
  • 15:10 Q&A

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