IRIS Webinar: Developing an Application Market for city managers and citizens thanks to the CIP

It is now possible to put at disposal applications based on real-time or historical data available to stakeholders who administer the city and to citizens. In this webinar, the IRIS partner CSTB will present an application with two use cases, one for a maintenance department and another for the environmental risk management department. The application is using the City Innovation Platform of the IRIS Lighthouse city Nice Cote d’Azur, France. We will see that data implementation collaboration between the real estate and works/maintenance departments is essential for the operation of the so-called “business” applications.

You can see the presentation slides on the IRIS SlideShare channel:

And the recordings on the IRIS YouTube channel:

Webinar Details

Date: 15/07/2020, 10:00-11:00 CET


Introduction: Alain Anfosso (CSTB)

CIP and the implementation in Nice: Stéphane Roux (NCA)

3 types of operation scenarios:

  • Maintenance, Energy, Environmental risks management: Honorat Quinard (IMREDD)
  • Building level: IMREDD self-consumption building
  • Maintenance and energy scenarios
  • City level: Environnemental risk scenarios at NCA
  • Flooding and peak pollution risks

What is BIM/CIM Hypervision and what is behind: Alain Anfosso (CSTB)

Application demo Environmental risk management/Energy/Maintenance: Patrick Pollet (CSTB)

Possible replication scenarios for the other cities: Alain Anfosso (CSTB)

Questions/Discussion: with all attendees (Moderator: Alain Chateau (NCA))

01 Jul 2020

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