HSB Göteborg (HSB), Sweden





HSB – The Swedish Cooperative Housing Association is a cooperative housing association organised at national, regional and local level, representing 33 regional cooperative associations who in turn have 3,903 cooperative local housing companies as members. HSB housing stock amounts to 317,000 units with 27,000 rental dwellings. The other managed housing stock amounts to 34.300 units. Owned by 550 000 members. Today, one in ten homes in Sweden is a co-operative HSB home. HSB constructs, owns and manages properties and the profits are reinvested in the homes.HSB members are committed to contribute to a sustainable environment and climate-smart energy consumption and usage. HSB is also taking an active part in international cooperation through membership in the International Cooperative Alliance, CECODHAS Housing Europe and the Nordic Co-operative and social housing companies Organisation (NBO). In cooperation with the Swedish Co-operative Centre, HSB participates also in housing projects in developing countries.


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