Energy and Natural Resources Cluster of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (ENERGY HIVE), Greece

Energy and Natural Resources Cluster of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (ENERGY HIVE Cluster) is a newly developed cluster of companies of the engineering sector located in the region of East Macedonia and Thrace. ENERGY HIVE Cluster is developed as a result of a long-term cooperation between its members and aims to support the transition to a low carbon economy through the development of innovative energy solutions. As a newly developed cluster, it relies on the experience of its members in the fields of Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Efficiency, Zero Energy Buildings, Energy Policy, Energy Sharing Economy and Low Carbon Industrial Processes.

ENERGY HIVE Cluster’s vision is to strengthen and promote regional stakeholders engagement and cooperation towards the transition to a low carbon economy, through its gradual development to a collaborative “quadruple helix” cluster. Exploiting the available natural resources, the technical and scientific knowledge, skills and resources of the East Macedonia and Thrace region, the existing R&D infrastructure of the private sector, ENERGY HIVE aims to develop strong links and international synergies for the benefit of its current and potential new members and for society offering a platform for dialogue among stakeholders and promoting interfaces with other sectors such as agriculture, tourism, architecture, and transport. ENERGY HIVE encompasses the advantages of its strategic location, which is projected to become an energy hub due to the development of energy projects of great significance, such as the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and the Floating Liquid Natural Gas station.

Facilitator of the cluster is KRITON ENERGY, a company specialized in the design and development of innovative energy solutions mainly for the public sector. Members of the cluster are SMEs with increased experience in innovative energy projects, all located in the region of East Macedonia and Thrace. Until today, ENERGY HIVE members have implemented a significant number of building energy refurbishment projects, as well as innovative RES projects, such as the development of hybrid solar/geothermal co-generation self-consumption power plant that utilizes solar parabolic collectors, ORC turbine and low-enthalpy geothermal field exploitation. Additionally, several public and private projects have been implemented regarding the integration of Renewable Energy Technologies in private and public buildings.




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