European Mobility Week: co-creating smart & sustainable mobility solutions

European Mobility Week: co-creating smart & sustainable mobility solutions

IRIS is working to make urban environments better places for citizens and the planet. Our five transition tracks identify universal challenges for smart cities, with 16 solutions in development to overcome them. Mobility is one of our key areas of action:

Maximum sustainability, minimum inconvenience

We advocate a well-connected mix of mobility solutions and services focused on shared ownership to overcome the annual €100 Billion a year cost of congestion[1] and 500,000 premature deaths associated to poor air quality in Europe[2].

Our aim is to redesign our mobility mix and streets to achieve a healthy and enjoyable urban environment, providing citizens with increased flexibility and saving them money as well as the planet.


IRIS mobility initiatives in action 

Vehicle-to-Grid and smart solar charging

IRIS city Utrecht is a global pioneer in bi-directional and solar charging of electric vehicles. This innovation makes a fleet of Renault ZOE a battery on wheels, able to store solar energy and later return it to the grid. This technology will optimise recharge costs for customers and set to expand on a massive scale, with at least 145 charging points to be installed in the city. 

Innovative mobility services

At Sweden’s most sustainable housing development, Brf Viva, living without a car is easy. Here the residents have access to a fleet of electric bicycles, cars and other electric vehicles that they book via the EC2B-app. This Mobility-as-a-Service platform is a real breakthrough, which also connects and purchases tickets for public transport.

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[2] EEA 2017

18 Sep 2019