Ambitious energy renovation project launched in western Nice

Ambitious energy renovation project launched in western Nice

IRIS in Metropole Nice Cote d’Azur, France recently welcomed a fresh injection of expertise and enthusiasm with new partner Engie Cofely. The company will focus their energy efficiency talents and smart city innovations on the western district of Les Moulins. The team is also aiming to match their efforts in technology with a range of citizen engagement and communication measures to create maximum impact for residents and the environment.

Energy efficiency

As a first step, Engie Cofely will work on energy optimization of two buildings located in the Les Moulins. The work will target an intelligent regulation of collective heating to better suit the needs of each apartment, taking into account its exposure and its real temperature.

During this energy renovation project, different solutions will be proposed and tested, with variable technical and economic advantages depending on the options chosen. The last year of the project will be focused on the assessment and analysis of the solutions applied in order to select the best performing scenario for the inhabitants.

Citizen engagement and energy awareness

In addition to its energy renovation mission, Engie Cofely will bring its long-standing experiences in citizen engagement. An awareness campaign about energy issues will be carried out among the inhabitants of the buildings selected for this project. It will be deployed around three key areas:
I) What are renewable energies?
II) How will my evolving energy habits impact my building, my neighborhood and my city?
III) How will good energy habits impact my energy bill?

Engie Cofely will work with the other partners of the consortium to ensure optimal results for the comfort of residents as well as for energy savings and citizen engagement. Lastly, particular attention will be paid to applying the solutions implemented in this project to other IRIS project partner cities.

The Engie Cofely team will be working closely together with the local partner ecosystem: Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, Nice Sophia-Antipolis University, EDF, Enedis, Nexity, CSTB, Côte d’Azur Habitat, Atmo Sud and Vulog.


Interview with Alexis Tawfik, @ENGIE_CofelyFR director, about the company's mission on @IRISsmartcities: energy renovation, optimization and intelligent regulation of the collective heating.

20 Jun 2019