Civity BV (CIV), The Nederlands




Civity BV is a member of the Onetrail group ( and specialises in data logistics services as well as data management services for public organizations. Our solutions are based on open source software (CKAN, FIWARE, Drupal) and open standards (NGSI, Open311). We consider (open) data to be the fuel for innovation of new city services. Civity and Onetrail are members of the consortium FIWARE Lab NL that supports both the Dutch FIWARE community and OASC NL member cities with their ambitions. By embracing FIWARE and open source software our focus is on developing replicable services and solutions.

Civity helps to improve interaction between governments, citizens and businesses with dataportals, tooling and applications. We develop solutions that allow better insight in challenges that cities face and provide consultancy services for data policies and data strategies.

Dataplatform ( is an open data management service solution developed by Civity. It is already used by and attracted memberships from already 22 Dutch municipalities and also interest from many other organisations.

Civity’s experience also includes ‘data and IoT’, i.e. the domain of (near) real time data management and big data. Dataplatform provides data from LoRA-enabled sensors that is stored and processed with FIWARE Generic Enablers.



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