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The City of Vaasa is rapidly growing municipality with about 67.650 inhabitants. Population has grown almost with 9.000 inhabitants since 2000. Vaasa is the largest economical centre in Vasa region which consist of seven municipalities. The population of Vaasa region is about 114.000. In addition within 120 km distance there are over 500.000 inhabitants with 55.000 university students

The City of Vaasa and the Vaasa region one of the most successful regions in Finland, thanks to its competitiveness and vitality.


  • The largest energy technology cluster of the Nordic Countries is concentrated in the Vaasa region and focused on the solutions for global energy challenges.
  • Know how in technology and international work force makes this region important to Finland.
  • Vaasa region is one of Finland’s strongest export regions. The proportion of export businesses to the population, as well as exports per capita are among the highest in Finland.
  • The City of Vaasa has about 67.650 inhabitants, 70 % of whom speak Finnish, 23 % Swedish and 7 % other languages as their mother tongue. The population of Vaasa region, which consist of seven municipalities, is about 114.000.
  • In proportion to the population, Vaasa is the largest University city in Finland.


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Tough target for the energy capital Vaasa – a carbon neutral city 2035: Vaasa has set a tough target; a carbon neutral city in 2035. The target relates to the energy and climate program, which has been approved by the City Council. To reach the goal Vaasa has to increase the use of renewable energy and improve the energy services in the residential areas. The program also aims at increasing the awareness of energy and climate matters. The city has prepared the program in cooperation with local residents, company directors, policymakers and the city personnel. It is implemented both as projects, for which external financing is applied, and as a part of the daily activities.

VAAS has a Covenant of Mayors signatory and the VAAS Sustainable Energy Acton Plan (SEAP) has been formally approved November 2016. VAAS’s goals are considerably more ambitious than the Paris Agreement, 

Vaasa participates in the network of Finnish Sustainable Communities: City of Vaasa has been chosen to participate in the network of Finnish Sustainable Communities. The members in the FISU-network are aiming at a carbon neutral, waste-free and globally sustainable consumption by the year 2050. The municipalities are also trying to strengthen the regional economy and employment, create business opportunities and improve the welfare of the citizens.

R&D investment volumes: The R&D investment volumes are extremely high in the Vaasa region, especially in private companies. In 2014 the total amount was over 194 million euros, of which over 161 million was from private companies. Only Helsinki region has more R&D investments in Finland.



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