Citizen Engagement: the good, the bad… the ugly?

Smart and sustainable city plans often face a deficit of engagement from citizens. It can lead to feelings of distrust and misunderstanding building from different perspectives, slow project delivery and low take up of sustainable technologies and initiatives to name a few tangible impacts.

IRIS Smart Cities is working to address this and sharing insights from their experiences on the ground.

In this webinar and video presentation titled ‘A Paradigmatic Shift in Citizen Engagement’, Willem-Jan Renger of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and Arno Peekel of the Utrecht Sustainability Institute take us through the 4 stages of citizen engagement, design systems thinking in cities, touchpoints and influencers. Discover the good, the bad and even the ugly of citizen engagement in sustainable district development!

Consult the presentation on SlideShare:

12 May 2020

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