Akademiska Hus (AH), Sweden





Akademiska Hus is a state-owned real estate company that provides its property to Universities and Colleges in Sweden. It is one of Sweden’s largest property companies. Approximately 300,000 people study, perform research and work in the properties every day. In collaboration with universities and colleges, Akademiska Hus aims to reinforce Sweden as a nation of knowledge. Its market share makes it Sweden’s leading property company for universities and colleges. Size, unique focus and local presence makes Akademiska Hus a proactive long-term partner to its customers in developing their business. Its stable financial capacity enables it to make investments even during times of recession and financial uncertainty. This gives customers security and helps guarantee Sweden’s continued development as a knowledge nation. Akademiska Hus currently manages over 3.2 million square metres of rentable area consisting of 45 percent educational premises, 35 percent laboratory premises and 20 percent other premises.


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