Urban Reverb: a new smart cities podcast

Urban Reverb: a new smart cities podcast

A new podcast on urban issues in energy, mobility and ICT began recently and it kicked off with an issue dear to IRIS Smart Cities – vehicle to grid technology for electric cars. 

‘Urban Reverb’ is produced by the Smart City Information System platform and hosted by EuroCities’s Anthony Colclough. In it he is interviewing people who are either directly involved in smart city projects (such as politicians and engineers) or who are somehow affected by the outcomes of innovative and smart solutions such as tenants. 

The second episode is dedicated to transforming energy efficiency in buildings with insights from a dynamic SME, social housing in London, deep renovation in Milan and the deputy mayor of Tartu in Finland, Raimond Tamm. 

If you have not already listened to the feature on bidirectional chargers featuring IRIS’s own initiatives in Utrecht, check out the audio file or read the transcript. 

The edition features:

  • Menso de Maar of ‘De Eendracht’ cooperative in Amsterdam
  • Marisca Zweistra of the City-Zen project also in Amsterdam
  • Muriel Pels of Utrecht local authority
  • Juha Karppinen of the MySmartLife project in Helsinki

 Urban Reverb podcast

03 Jul 2018