Stedin Netbeheer BV (STED), The Nederlands

Stedin Netbeheer BV is recently fully unbundled from regional energy companies and the energy retailer Eneco (due to liberalization). STED is an independent grid operator with about 2.700 employees in the Netherlands in an urban area with cities like The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and the Port of Rotterdam. STED has 2 million electricity connections and almost as many gas connections. Behind those connections these customers are serviced by STED in order to meet our goal: “Sustainable energy for every one”. To supply our customers the energy they need to work and live now and in the future in the changing energy world this is not self-evident. More and more of our customers, for example, are generating sustainable energy. Furthermore, we must be adequately prepared for future techniques. To maintain our reliability in the coming years we also invest about 500 million Euro in our grid every year.