Futurists identified their smartest cities – and IRIS is shaping tomorrow, today!

Futurists identified their smartest cities – and IRIS is shaping tomorrow, today!

The Future Today Institute (FTI) 2019 tech trends report analyses emerging science and technology shaping our world, including 16 indicators dedicated to smart cities. Issued earlier this year, we almost missed this insight filled report; but couldn’t agree more with IRIS lighthouse cities featuring heavily in the global top 50. Gothenburg on the podium at #2, Utrecht #16 and Nice at #37.

FTI futurists and researchers looked at the accessibility and structure of open data, smart grids, technology embracing public and shared mobility and affordable, clean energy options in their 16 indicators, all key ‘transition tracks’ for a smart and sustainable city in the IRIS project.

The report also looked at initiatives to reduce waste, a dedication to long term planning, lifelong learning and connectivity. Areas where IRIS lighthouse cities have also been leading the way. Gothenburg’s sustainable leadership; open data and engagement in Utrecht; and digital services and smart grids in Nice could all be held up as ‘exemplary and innovative leadership around the world’.

Overall, Nordic cities dominate the reports’ top ten and make up nearly a quarter of the entire list. Europe (including the UK) had 13 cities, Asia 9, North America 8, Middle East 4, and South America, Australia and India each had one. No African cities made the list for 2019.

For cities looking to progress or even climb the top 50 for next year, targeted IRIS solutions in energy, mobility, citizen engagement and digitalization are currently being tested and deployed at scale. You can access a wide range of news, insights and open access technical reports to inspire you.

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07 Oct 2019