Dive into the future of housing at HSB Living Lab & the ‘Shared Space Challenge’

Dive into the future of housing at HSB Living Lab & the ‘Shared Space Challenge’

The IRIS Gothenburg demonstration site at Campus Johanneberg features a third generation living lab where residents are a committed part of researching and designing the housing of the future. Inaugurated in 2016, this unique environment to test sustainable living is a collaboration between the science park, Chalmers University and HSB Living Lab

The HSB Living Lab allows researchers from academia and their industry partners to test on a small, but realistic life scale. Both short and long-term research-driven innovation projects will be conducted throughout the project’s ten-year life span. Results may be presented in exhibition areas within the building, providing a venue for enhancing understanding of sustainable solutions. The materials and methods tested here are expected to improve the quality and sustainability of building projects, both for new homes as well as renovations, accelerating the uptake of climate-smart innovation in the built environment.

In 2018, the living lab is seeking to further shape the future with a competition to source new ideas on how shared spaces in apartment buildings can become more inclusive and sustainable.  Companies, researchers, students and any others that have a suitable idea, prototype or technology will win the chance to develop their idea in conjunction with HSB and access a budget of €10,000. Judges will also be looking to ideas that promote increased resource-use efficiency or decrease environmental impact.

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07 Feb 2018