D10.2 Corporate identity and design guide

The present document is the deliverable “D10.2 – Corporate identity and design guide” of the IRIS project (Grant Agreement No. 774199), funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program (H2020), and presents the visual identity and elements of the project developed in the first three months.
An attractive and consistent visual identity for IRIS will facilitate meeting communication and dissemination objectives and reflect project values and goals. This includes logos, info graphics and standard templates such as PowerPoint presentations, Word report styles and letterheads. It also advises the consortium on correct acknowledgements of EU funding and EU flag.
Elements presented in this deliverable are basis for all further visuals of the project and govern future communications and dissemination collateral in print and online. Notable expected additions include two postcard flyers, an A1 poster and locally branded content in lighthouse and follower cities as their communication and dissemination needs dictate.